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Ali Andress (Österreich):
“Ein Straßer-Didge und du spielst kein anderes mehr. Absolut präzise, exakt und transparent im Klang !

Silver Line

Woodslide-Didgeridoo (Silver-line) with the name “LUNA”

Order-No.: LUNA | Price: 2800 €

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Woodslide Didgeridoo - Silverline "Luna" (Bell end)Woodslide Didgeridoo - Silverline "Luna" (Mundstück)Woodslide Didgeridoo - Silverline "Luna" (Gesamtansicht)

Woodslide Didgeridoo - Silverline "Luna" (Bell end)Woodslide Didgeridoo - Silverline "Luna" (Mundstück) DetailWoodslide Didgeridoo - Silverline "Luna" (Gesamtansicht) Detail

Length (min.) Length (max.) Diameter (max.) (Bell-end) Weight
165 cm 208 cm 14,6 cm ? Kg


  • Wood and Design: Ash Tree (Germanic=world tree), stained black with high glossy finish.
  • Relief: Completely milled into the surface and lined with real Silver. The design also continues in the sliding tube.
  • Mouthpiece: Inside diameter 30mm, stainless steel, polished.

Special features:

This original Woodslide-Didgeridoo have good backpressure with is rich in overtones. A really concert class didge with good bass and very good volume. For fast, percussive rhythms and slow, medidative rhythms very good suited.

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