Dean Wilmington (Australien):
“Das beste in Deutschland gebaute: Klar, schnell, leicht zu spielen. “Optimal für Bühne und Studio”.


Adam Henwood (Australien):
“Ich habe noch niemals so feine und gute Didges gesehen und gespielt.”

Gold Line

We focused on our objective of putting together different pieces of a puzzle to create something really great, and we managed to produce this didgeridoo which is certainly unique.

This didgeridoo is called “सोना・ -pronounced: “Sona” (Sona = Indian for gold/golden, Roman for sound/tone).

The gold encapsulates this instrument like an (energy) network with this design, in order to further enrich the tone with additional energy through its ethereal vibrations and to also strengthen the prana.

(Prana = breath, air. Indian description for breath as life force. The prana is regarded as the ethereal energy which penetrates the cosmos, which is also effective as life force of the individual and which above all manifests itself in breath.)

Woodslide-Didgeridoo (Gold Line) with the name „SONA“ 

Ordernumber: SONA | Price: 5750 €

C Cis D Dis E F Fis G Gis A Ais B

Dieses Slide-Didge ist einzigartig im Bereich der Konzertklasse-Didgeridoos. Ansicht Bell End. This Slide-Didge is unique. A concert class Didgeridu. View Bell End.Das Mundstück für dieses Luxus Slide-Didgeridu ist 24 Karat Hartvergoldet. The Mouthpiece for this Luxus-Slide-Didgeriduu is 24 K gold plated.Slide Didgeridoo mit graviertem und 24 Karat Gold ausgelegtem Design. Ein Original Woodslide von Walter Strasser. Slide didge with engraved Design and 24 K gold plated. A Original Strasser Woodslide.Walter Strasser und die Künstlerin Kolibri zeichnen sich verantwortlich für dieses edle Didgeridoo. Walter Strasser and the artist Kolibri ar responsible for this noble Didgeridu.Slide Didge mit fortlaufendem Design im Auszugsrohr. Didge Mundstück 24 Karat Hartvergoldet. Sliding-Didge with continue Design in the Sliding Tube. Didge Mouthpiece 24 K gold plated.Slide Mechanismus dieses Didgeridu in verschiedenen Tonlagen ("E" - "C"). Sliding mechanism from this Didgeridu in different Tonranges ("E" - "C").


Length (min.) Length (max.) Diameterr (max.) (Bell-end) Weight
165,5 cm ca. 210 cm 14 cm ? Kg


  • Wood and design: Ash (Germanic=world tree), stained – flowing transitions from dark brown-reddish to black.
  • Relief: Completely milled into the surface and lined with 24 carat real gold. The design also continues in the sliding tube.
  • Mouthpiece: Inside diameter 30 mm, brass silver plated and subsequently 24 carat hard gold plated.

Special features:

Beautiful medium bass with good volume, good backpressure, beautiful sound pattern, which is rich in overtones. This balanced concert class didgeridoo can handle all types of playing really well. Naturally a tailor-made case/flight case is included with this instrument.

Das wertvolle Slide-Didge im maßgefertigten Instrumentenkoffer. This value Slide-Didge in a perfect Instrument-Case.

Werdegang Gold Line-Didgeridoo:

This Gold Line didgeridoo was designed and realised by my life partner and artist Kolibri and by me, Walter Strasser.
Originally in our thoughts and considerations this didgeridoo was about how we could combine the beneficial effect of the didgeridoo with the beauty and energetic effect of gold in one single entity.

  1. Finding a suitable trunk of wood and selecting it so that this fits with the character and the playing properties of the future precious instrument.
  2. Now with my many years of experience as a professional didgeridoo maker I sought to build an instrument with very good all-round properties, which was suitable for a wide range of musicians.
  3. For the following work, such as drawing the design, milling work and gold inlay work Kolibri was able to completely act out her art. The design which had already been drawn now had to be manually cut into the didgeridoo in a sophisticated process, and then lined with 24 carat real gold.
  4. I now faced the challenge of giving the instrument its final fine finish – that is to apply many layers of the high-gloss lacquer with its penetration effect.
  5. In the meantime Kolibri had decorated the sliding tube with the same design as the didgeridoo in a very elaborate process.
  6. Subsequently it was now up to me to adapt the sliding tube and to fit the hard gold plated mouthpiece which had been specially made for it.
  7. The last step was now to make the fitting protective and transportation case for this really precious instrument. Naturally this was made to measure, with the best quality finish.

The instrument had hence been created. Our thoughts and considerations had been put into practice.
Actually we cannot write about all the steps this involved, because that would fill numerous pages. Many weeks and months for preliminary work, trials, research, development for new techniques and for new tools, as well as the financial investment – which was not exactly limited – and a few minor details were still necessary. During this time we invested a great deal of energy as well as blood, sweat and tears.

The result – “SONA”, we brought a really very special didgeridoo into this world.

Some information about GOLD

Since time immemorial there has been no element on the earth which was and is so treasured as gold. Everyone knows the material value of gold, but we are interested in its other positive attributes. Already in the ancient high cultures gold had a high status from a spiritual (as well as material) point of view.

  • For the ancient Egyptians gold was the flesh of the gods
  • For the Aztecs gold came from the body of divinity
  • The Incas had gardens made of pure gold
  • In Buddhist cultural circles gold stands for light and enlightenment
  • In Chinese philosophy it represents the Sun (Yang) and harmony (Moon=Yin)
  • In Hindu belief gold stands for light, immortality and as a giver of life
  • In Christian philosophy gold stands for holiness and purity

Gold symbolises the dimension of light. No other element is capable of reflecting the light and warming sun as well as gold does. Furthermore, gold is the symbol for purity, enlightenment, wisdom and consistency as well as for longevity and eternity, for perfection, holism and as a giver of life, it symbolises wealth and superiority as well as completeness, loyalty and virtue. It is a symbol for everything sublime, shining and for the divine and immortal.
Gold also has plenty of healing powers for body, spirit and soul. In the past and present gold has been and is used for both medical and spiritual purposes

Bodily properties of gold:

  • Nerves: encourages conductivity of nerves; strengthens the entire nervous system
  • Cardiovascular: animates, warms, hinders heart diseases and stimulates the circulation.

Spiritual / emotional properties of gold:

  • Provides support against depressions, stress, nervousness, inferiority complexes, fears, loneliness, failure and lethargy.


  • Knowledge, joy, the sense for beauty as well as self-esteem and has an invigorating and warming effect. Has a supporting effect in the search for inner purity. Gold stands for the supernatural, the divine, Tao, the enlightenment.