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Adam Henwood (Australien):
“Ich habe noch niemals so feine und gute Didges gesehen und gespielt.”

Purchasing tips

  • It is not recommendable to buy cheap productions from Indonesia and the whole of Asia such as instruments made of bamboo or consisting of two halves made of soft wood “stuck together”, often sold as originals. In the meantime whole industrial enterprises have been set up there to mass produce so-called “originals”. They often crack very quickly and are usually scarcely playable or can only be played with great difficulty. They are consequently “not worth the wood they are made of”.
  • For a beginner, who is not sure whether he will like playing didgeridoo, I would first of all recommend a plastic pipe from a building supplies store (35 to 40mm in diameter). You can go quite a long way with such a plastic didge (see Charlie McMahon) and have a lot of fun.
  • I would recommend that anyone who has decided to continue playing this instrument should then definitely buy a really high-quality didgeridoo.