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Ganga Giri (Australien):
auch Ganga Giri ist voll fasziniert von seinem Strasser – Slide !


Trees are sentient beings, which bring a balance to nature merely through their own existence. They provide the oxygen which we humans and all other living creatures on this planet need in order to be able to live. Without them no existence on this planet would be possible.

Energie tanken an einem magischen Platz mit einem Didgeridoo. Recharge your batteries in a magical place with a didgeridoo.For manufacturing my didgeridoos I use trees that had to die because they were in the way of people (road construction and house building). Or also trees which died because of the intense environmental pollution and the impacts of climate change. In this way I give the trees a new lease of life, or more precisely I give them something new in a different way.

Consequently I create the opportunity for the trees to enjoy the senses of the human being (seeing, hearing and feeling). See book tip 3. I regard the didge as a connecting link, in order to sink into forgotten and hidden levels of awareness.

Even for today’s “civilised” persons, who unfortunately are often very degenerate in terms of their natural feeling and thinking, the didge enables access to these deeper levels.

The didgeridoo can really enrich the lives of open and receptive people.

I am filled with joy and I feel a deep sense of satisfaction in building and playing such wonderful instruments.