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David Lindner (Deutschland):
“Die Didgeridoos von Walter Strasser bestechen durch ihr gutes Anspielverhalten. Bedingt durch ihre Dünnwandigkeit resonieren sie gut. Herausragend auch ihr “Design”: Sie fassen sich sinnlich an, sehen aus, als kämen sie aus einer Hightech-Schmiede. Aber bei Strasser ist alles Holz was glänzt und… klingt.”


Stainless steel mouthpieces

For a good 4 years I almost exclusively use stainless steel mouthpieces. These are lathed to size and then subsequently polished to a mirror finish. The available sizes are 29, 30 and 31 mm inside diameter.

Polierte Edelstahl Mundstücke für Woodslide-Didgeridoos, extrem haltbar und hygienisch. Polished Mouthpieces for the original Woodslides, extremely durable and hygienic.Mundstückfassungen für Slide-Didges / Woodslides. Mouthpieceholder for sliding didges / woodslides.

The reasons why I switched to stainless steel for my mouthpieces:

  • They are “indestructible” (that is they cannot split like wood)
  • They are hygienic (can be lightly disinfected at any time)
  • They are absolutely dimensionally stable (don’t swell up
  • Allergic reactions are ruled out (no wax or paint/lacquer)

The mouthpieces are customised for the slide didgeridoos, but they can however be easily attached to normal didges (using wax or glue)

Wooden mouthpieces

If customers specially request this, I still naturally make wooden mouthpieces. For this purpose I usually use teak wood which is subsequently soaked in hot wax or lacquered. These mouthpieces can be attached with soft bees’ wax or commercially available glue. The available sizes are 29, 30 and 31 mm inside diameter.

Teakholz Mundstücke für Didgeridoos. Teak Mouthpieces for Didgeridoos.

The endless pressing and shaping of wax mouthpieces which have become soft through playing is hence now a thing of the past. Furthermore, the musician finally has the possibility of playing on one and the same mouthpiece. Or do any of you know a musician who plays a wind instrument with constantly changing mouthpieces. There certainly isn’t such a person…