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Charlie McMahon (Australien):

“Mit die besten und edelsten Didges, die ich bisher sah und spielte”

Design examples

I have long since abandoned the partly very elaborate and time-consuming painted designs for my didgeridoos. I naturally fulfil special request from customers. I now almost exclusively coat the instruments with several layers of high-gloss lacquer. This creates an intensive deep gloss, which accentuates the grain and texture of the individual types of wood.

Original Doppel-Woodslide-Didge aus Schwarznuss mit vielschichtiger Hochglanzlackierung. Black Nut Double Sliding-Didge with high glossy finish.Slide-Didge aus Esche mit Vielschicht Hochglanzlackierung. Ash Tree Sliding Didgeridu with high glossy finish.Didgeridoo Woodslide, Roteiche mahagoni/schwarz gebeizt mit Punktdesign. Sliding-Didgeridoo, Red Oak, stained from mahagony to black with dot-design.Gebaut wurde dieses Slide-Didgeridoo aus Esche. Anschließend gebeizt in mahagoni/schwarz. Original Woodslide-Didgeridoo, Ash Tree stained from mahagony to black.Didgeridoo helle Esche. Ein Power Didge in der Tonlage "D". A Powerful Didgeridu, light Ash Tree, Pitch "D".Didgeridoo Woodslide in der Gesamtansicht. Das Holz ist wilde Birne. In den Tonlagen F bis Cis. Bestell Nr. 070 General View from original Woodslide Didge, Wood: wild Pear Tree, Pitches: F - Cis, Order No. 070

This very elaborate lacquering process also further increases the sound quality of the instruments. This lacquer even has advantages when caring for your instruments, because even small scratches can be easily removed using standard car polishing paste. Some of the instruments are even stained in mahogany look or mahogany with a transition to black before lacquering. But look at the photos for yourself.

You often have the feeling that you are holding grand piano or piano in your hands and playing didgeridoo on it.