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Adam Henwood (Australien):
“Ich habe noch niemals so feine und gute Didges gesehen und gespielt.”

Decorated sliding tubes

Design by KOLIBRI

ICustomers have frequently asked for decorated sliding tubes, but up to now this wasn’t possible. After many attempts and development work we have now finally found a possibility of decorating the sliding tubes with individual designs.

Verzierte Auszieh-RohreVerziertes Auszieh-Rohr (schwarz / silber)Verziertes Auszieh-Rohr (schwarz / gold) mit Kolibri

Instruments which you have already bought can be retrofitted with these tubes decorated with designs. When buying or ordering new instruments customers can choose between standard, single-coloured gold or black tubes or decorated tubes for a surcharge.

These sliding tubes also have their price because they involve a very elaborate time-consuming and cost-intensive process. Customers also have the possibility of drawing their own designs for the sliding tubes of their woodslide didgeridoo. We will then check the feasibility (the design must not be too filigree. Minimum line width = 2 mm) and make you a price offer.

Here the following colour combinations are possible:

  • gold / black
  • black / gold
  • silverr / black
  • black / silver
  • gold / silver


Currently available sliding tubes:



Verziertes Auszieh-Rohr (schwarz / gold)


Color: black / gold
Mouthpiece: polished stainless steel, diameter 30 mm
Price: 180.- €

(Order-No..: 010)



Verziertes Auszieh-Rohr (schwarz / silber)


Color: black / silver
Mundstück: polished stainless steel, diameter 30 mm
Price: Sold




Verziertes Auszieh-Rohr (scharz / gold) Extra


Color: black / gold [EXTRA]
Mundstück: polished stainless steel, diameter 30 mm
Pice: Sold