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Adam Henwood (Australien):
“Ich habe noch niemals so feine und gute Didges gesehen und gespielt.”

Care and cleaning

These care measures only require a few minutes of your time, but they guarantee you many years of joy with your didgeridoo.

Now and then you should clean the outside of the instrument with a damp cloth or a microfiber cloth.

Every 4-6 weeks use a shower head to rinse the inside of the instrument with warm water (from the bellend side). (please place a soft cloth in the shower or a bath). Subsequently use a towel to rub the didge as dry as possible and leave it to dry in an upright position.

Weiche UnterlageDidgeridoo mit der Brause gut durchspülen. Didgeridoo flush thoroughly with the shower.

A general cleaning is recommendable approximately 2-3 times a year. For this cleaning process you attach a soft sponge (natural sponge) to a string with a loop and immerse this in warm water with a squirt of hair shampoo. Now pull the sponge several times through the didgeridoo. Subsequently rinse well with the shower head and rub dry. (see under point 2)

Einen weichen Schwamm durch das Didge ziehen. Consult a soft sponge trought the didge.Das Yidaki mit einem Handtuch trocken reiben. The Yidaki rub dry with a towel.

With the slide didges it is necessary to clean the slide mechanism every 6-8 weeks and then oil it. To do so, the sliding tube must be pulled out of the instrument past the stops with a brisk momentum. Clean the inside of the sliding tube with a glass cleaning brush.

Das Auszieh-Rohr des Woodslides reinigen. Clean sliding-tube for the original Woodslide with a bottle brush.

Now rub it dry with a soft paper towel and wipe the o-rings properly.

Das Slide-Rohr vom Woodslide-Didge mit einem Papiertuch abreiben. Wipe the sliding-tube from the original Woodslide-didge with a paper towel.Ein paar Tropfen Öl auf die O-Ringe geben. Put a few drops of oil on the O-rings.

Now oil the o-rings with “SPACEFILLER” (1-2 drops per ring). Spread it evenly over the rings with your finger.

Das Spezialöl mit dem Finger auf den O-Ringen verteilen. Spead the special oil with your finger on the o-rings.Das Spezial-Öl für die Original-Woodslide-Didgeridoos. Special oil for the original-Woodslide-didges.

IMPORTANT: only use this oil !!! It is very economical, 1-2 drops per o-ring and cleaning process is sufficient. It is available in music stores or from me.
The sliding tube can now be pushed back into the instrument. Here you should take note of the following:

Das Slide-Rohr unter drehen in das Woodslide einführen. Sliding-tube under turn install in the original Woodslide.

Place the didgeridoo in front of the tube, position the tube straight, turn it and screw it into the instrument with pressure.